Stocktake Sale July 2016

Our July Stocktake sale offers some quite deep discounts at 60% off. including Metal minatuer desktop clocks and VW Memorabilia.

Classic products that dont go out of fashion. Our large orange wooden retro nautical decor will make a big impact in any bedroom or bar. Get some colour into the decor.

The USB VW Beetle Pink is a unique Gift.  An Official Licenced Volkswagen 16GB Beetle USB Drive in Pink, With Retractable USB plug and illuminating headlights

The USB flash drive is cleverly concealed inside the trunk. When the device is plugged into the USB port of a computer, the headlights light up.

This officially licensed Volkswagen Beetle replica, is true to scale,has detail features such as transparent windows, rotatable wheels, and illuminating headlights. This new series of USB models, licensed by Volkswagen GmbH have the finer details such as chrome bumper and wheels. Memory size is a large 16GB