Scallop shells 130G pack in Clear PVC Lid Box 9cm

Sea Shells are a Perfect Budget Gifts For Crafty People.

Sea shells are one of the great ingredients for crafty people to express their creative talents. White is such are great colour for contrast in most situations, so it is a colour to be used in most patterns and in most designs.

Shells 100G display pack Shells
BS1135 100G Shells

Shells are delightful little remnants of a cute little creature that passed on, leaving it’s delightful mobile home to decorate the beautiful shore lines of the world.

Sea shells have many wondrous patterns that entice and enchant and make them fantastic decorative objects.

White shells make beautiful boarders when glued on, in a pattern, around personal items like mirrors or photo frames.

A string of shells makes a nice bangle or a necklace or a decorative item. I love to see how many ways a crafter can decorate simple cheap items like a old bottle for example.

A bottle decorated with glued on sea shells, or a string of sea shells, can be a unique artful statement. Here is an example with the above style of snail like sea shell glued to the bottle’s cork stopper.

A Shell decor is a statement that is casual and natural and also coastal and serene.

Glass Bottle with sand & Shells and Coral stopper 17cm clear
BS1128 Coral stopper 17cm

A couple of packs of these budget shells are ideal as a gift for a crafty designer. Or a young mind that might experiment. Also a handy item in the craft toolkit of a handy creative craft lover.

Sea shell decoration is a call to nature in a way. They are such a natural organic item, its no wonder people love to collect sea shells when they walk on a beach. Its a magical peaceful time and your shell decorations remind people of such days in their life.

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