Bag of 3cm Scallop Shells 400G

Scallop Shells a Craft Decorators Best Friend

Sea shells particularly Scallop Shells have many wonderful patterns and shapes that entice and enchant and make them fantastic decorative objects.

White shells make beautiful boarders when glued on, in a pattern, around personal items like mirrors or photo frames. There are many other uses that crafty designers use them for. Sometimes there just a nice decoration sprinkled around you coastal theme decor on a sideboard or in a bathroom.

In a recent article we looked at white sea shells in a bag which are a great seller at the counter in a gift shop. These are a different white sea shell being the traditional scallop shells. You can find these on a beach but often get mostly broken pieces after being pounded by the surf.

So hear is a a quick collection of budget decorative accessories for those handy people who love creative decorating.

Scallop Shells really are a craft decorator’s best Friend