How To Decorate With Nautical

Decoration in nautical can be a traditional blue and white colour scheme like the colours of sea and the waves and or matching the sky’s white clouds and pale blues. Nautical decor can also be more cool refreshing and delicate in whites and sandy creams, some love to go the whole range of bright retro colurs to brighten up a room and make it pop.

Whatever your colour style, the best way to decorate with nautical is to ensure you have a good balance throughout the room between wall decor and table top decor. The balance of nautical decor items startes with your wall which make the biggest visual impact. Chooe large pieces on a large wall space and smaller on a smaller wall space. But dont mix nautical theme with other styles.

Wall decoration is a perfect place for canvas prints as well as larger wall hanging ornaments like ships wheel, propeller, oars or boat paddles, also DIY wall plaques & signs decorated with sea shells or starfish. Another use for wall space is a collection of photo frames and whilst you will find good nautical theme photo frames about, even plain white photo frames can blend in with Nautical decor.

Plan your wall space out and check the measurements of products. Hold up similar sized items to get a feel for the space.

For table top or side table and shelf decorations think about the balance of heights and spaceing of your centrepeices. A tall item like lighthouses might be better at the back where it is still visible but doesnt block other decorations.

Consider the a mixture of product materials there wooden, metal and ceramic as well as glass like in glass bottles.